The gastronomy of the Region of Murcia possesses a great variety of plates realized with typical products.

In the Mar Menor there are captured several autochthonous species like the prawns, el salmonete, the “dorada del Mar Menor” or the “mújol”.

In addition the Mediterranean coast allows to use a great variety of different fish. Among the different recipes of the coastal zone we have to mention the “caldero”, the “dorada a la sal” or the stews with cod.

In “La Huerta” of Murcia, along the basin of Segura river, there abound the fruits (fruits of bone and citrus fruits) and vegetables. One of the products most typical of “la huerta” is the paprika, elaborated from ñoras. Some local dishes of this zone are the “ensalada murciana” (salad), the “zarangollo” or the “paparajotes”.

As for meats, the meats of hunt, as the rabbit, are as delicious as the meats of farm, as the pork or the lamb. As local dishes we can mention a great variety of sausages (large black pudding, pudding or sausage), the “gazpacho jumillano”, the “gachasmigas”, the gypsy pot and Calasparra’s rice that possesses denomination of origin.

The Grupo Fuertes is present in the food industry with brands like ELPOZO, FRIPOZO, Palancares and Procavi with more than 400 products being one of the leading groups in the sector worldwide.

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