Commercial locals and offices in Murcia

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Name Type Location Built surf. (m2) Province
Fretsia Commercial City center 456 Murcia
Parque Europa II Commercial Avenida de Europa 102 Murcia
Parque Europa II Commercial Avenida de Europa 100 Murcia
Parque Europa II Commercial Avenida de Europa 68 Murcia
La Flota Commercial Camino viejo de Monteagudo 1429 Murcia
La Salceda Commercial Las Torres de Cotillas 1371 Murcia
Expomurcia Offices Avenida Mariano Rojas 209 Murcia


Profusa has a property portfolio that includes millions of m2 with residential, commercial and industrial managed land and urban development land throughout Spain: Murcia, Andalusia, Balearic Islands, Valencia, etc.

Our professionals carry out holistic land management, transforming rural land into urban land to provide developers and investors with the best options in the market.

We select the best properties, evaluating all the investment options, analyzing the technical and financial feasibility of the projects, adapting the land to the necessities of planning, urbanizing with the highest quality and rigor, contributing to sustainable development, integrating the beauty of the local nature in the implementation of urban plans, and always ensuring biodiversity through the conservation of natural habitats and of wild fauna and flora.

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