be channel full of music videos but Spanish professor Benjamin Garcia has just that. Garcia writes pop songs and makes music videos in his spare time. His YouTube channel features Garcia’s voice accompanied by acoustic guitar. He shares his channel with all of his classes.

Garcia came from a musical background in Spain. Originally from Murcia, Spain, he received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Murcia in 2008. He then participated in a foreign exchange program, which led him to West Virginia University. There he received his master’s degree in Spanish literature in 2010. He has been teaching Spanish at Marshall for almost four years.

Garcia said Huntington is different from Murcia. Murcia is the seventh biggest city in Spain. It is larger than Huntington. He said the weather is very nice in Murcia.

“In the winter, it’s never cold,” Garcia said. “It doesn’t snow there.”

He has an English bulldog named Bella. Garcia said she’ is his only family in the U.S.

“I feel like she’s my rock,” Garcia said. “Animals make things easier.”

Garcia grew up a balcony hop away from his cousin.

“Our balconies are connected, so we would just jump from one balcony to the other,” Garcia said. “It’s a little dangerous, but we got used to it.”

Garcia said his musical family is the reason for his love of music.

“I grew up close to my cousins. They’re also musicians. They all play instruments,” Garcia said. “That’s why I like music so much.”

Garcia has always been on the move. He said he can’t stay in the same place for too long.

“I feel like I’m a very independent person,” Garcia said. “I don’t like to stay at home and be in the same place. I like to travel. When I was 18, I left home, and I went to live with a family in London for two years.”

Garcia is no stranger to singing on camera. He says there are home movies of him when he was young singing in English before he even knew the language. He’s been making music for most of his life.

“My brother would play guitar. I would write lyrics, and I would sing with my broken English,” he said. “I started writing songs very young and singing. I’ve only been playing the guitar for three years because all my family in Spain, my cousins and my brother, they all play instruments. So I was just a singer.”

Garcia started teaching at Marshall in 2010. He teaches Spanish 101, 102, 203 and 112.

There are usually several overloads for his classes. He said his teaching style is the reason for this.
“I like to have fun in my classes,” he said. “I want my students to learn, but I want them also to have fun and enjoy coming to class. I like to be fun and joke and all that.”

Erika Johnk, junior public relations major, said Garcia made class enjoyable and fun.

“I really enjoyed Ben Garcia because he made learning enjoyable,” Johnk said. “He was always in a happy mood which added to the atmosphere of the classroom.”

Johnk said Garcia receives overloads for his classes because of past student recommendations.
“There is always a waiting list for his class because his past students recommend him to the underclassmen because he is an outstanding teacher,” Johnk said.

Alyssa Wilson, a sophomore majoring in secondary education, says Garcia’s teaching methods made for a good learning experience.

“He did a lot of activities where we would have to interact with one another,” Wilson said. “And we’d actually have to speak the language not just write it and read it. So you actually learn it that way.”

Wilson says Garcia takes the pressure out of learning a foreign language.

“Taking a foreign language is really intimidating, but he’s the least intimidating part about it,” Wilson said. “He just so approachable and so nice.”

Garcia also has a toy collection that he started at an early age. He started collecting PVC figures when he was a child. Garcia said that was his reward for being well behaved.

“My mom would buy me one every week,” Garcia said. “If I wasn’t good, I didn’t get it.”

His collection is featured in some of his music videos. These toys range from the Smurfs to Power Rangers. He has a new music video in the works that will feature a collection of Care Bears.

He tries to return to Spain every summer. While there, he records music in his friend’s recording studio.

Along with his friends and family, Garcia says he misses the food in Spain the most.

Source: marshallparthenon.com