Since 1977 Profusa has served as a model of excellence in the Murcia housing market. Since its inception, the company has adopted a holistic approach to the industry, engaging in everything from land management to property sales.

We value ​ trust, clarity and transparency, and we aim to reflect those very values in our homes. It is with this philosophy that we build and sell houses with modern design, strict quality control and a strong commitment to the environment, all centered around the well-being and satisfaction of our clients.

At Profusa you’ll find a wide variety of products: apartments, flats, penthouses, semi-detached and detached homes in different areas of Murcia and along the Mediterranean coast. As a developer we strive to establish trust with our clients, backed by our experience as a member of Grupo Fuertes, a solid business group with over 5,000 employees and the largest holding in Murcia.

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