Cartagena manager Luis García Tevenet insists his team will be trying their best, to give Barcelona a good run for their money in the Copa del Rey clash on Friday.
Ahead of their mouthwatering tie against Barcelona on Friday, Cartagena manager Luis García Tevenet was just as excited as every member of the coaching team, the players and the fans of the Segunda B4 side, as he held his pre-match press conference.
There was therefore, not surprise at his enthusiasm when he was asked how his team are going to face the game against Barcelona.
“With the desire and enthusiasm of having a great encounter, knowing that ahead of us, we have a great opponent that are going to demand the maximum from us. We have prepared very well and we’ll grab whatever chances we may have. We’ve seen that every year, there’s often a surprise in the cup.”
Tevenet obviously knows the magnitude of the task that faces his modest team, but insists that they will not give up the idea of claiming what would be a monumental scalp.
“I’m not satisfied by just the idea of competing, because we’re obliged to do that anyway. We have to compete, and try to win. When you play a match, whoever the opponent is, there’s always a chance to win. Doing the things I know we can do well, I believe we will have our chances.”
Given Barcelona have lost their last two games, Tevenet is also aware that they will see the game against Cartagena as an opportunity to get back to winning ways, but stressed that his team can’t face the game like rabbits caught in car headlights and must stand up strongly against their illustrious opponents.
“We managers think in extremes and I think that Barcelona will be coming here with wounded pride. There could be two sides to that and it will depend on how they set themselves out. If we do our things well, they’re going to suffer. What we can’t do, is just stand there looking at their faces, as if we were watching them on the television.”
“We’ll have to do many things well, we’ll have to be serious in defence and be capable of suffering against their high percentage of possession, knowing how to make the most of any chances, if we show belief.”
Tevenet also isn’t fooled into any false sense of thinking that Barcelona are at their weakest right now.
“Until the last fifteen days, Barcelona have been beating absolutely everyone. If you asked me if I’d take a draw, then that would be a sign that we would have done really well.”
The Cartagena manager was then asked if he’d prefer his team to get ahead early, or if the opportunityarose, snatch a late winner.
“I’d prefer us to score in the 90th minute, so they don’t have chance to make a reaction. That’s what If I had the choice though, I’d prefer we scored one at the start, then the other at the end.”
There was however an admission from Tevenet, that he also has to look beyond the Barcelona game, to an important fixture in Segunda B4 against Cadiz, when considering what eleven he’ll put out on the pitch for the Copa del Rey encounter.
“We’re evaluating many options. We know we have players who have been playing habitually and they deserve to stay in the team, but we also have another important game on Tuesday. On Friday we’ll put the best team out we can, without thinking about Cadiz and then later, we’ll put the best team out, without thinking about our following game against Algeciras. I like to work one game at a time. We’ll play the eleven we thing are the best, with the intention of trying to beat Barcelona.”
Finally, asked if he has a plan to stop Neymar getting into the game, Tevenet conceded he hasn’t and is focusing on the strengths of his own team.
“We don’t have an ‘anti-Neymar’ plan. The plan we have is pro-Cartagena, to demonstrate what we’re capable of doing against a great opponent.”

Source: insidespanishfootball.com   heathGCF